Saddles, and Equipment

Contact us if you are looking for a new saddle or for a comprehensive saddle check.

We work with Guy Barrett, Master Saddler.  He is a qualified saddle fitter and can come and fit a saddle to your horse or pony within the locality of the shop. 

We stock a select range of adjustable GP, jumping and dressage saddles in leather and synthetic.  We also have a stock of tradional wool flocked, wooden tree saddles. 

Once purchased, saddles should be checked by a qualified saddle fitter every six months, as horses and ponies change shape regularly.

If your saddle does not fit properly, we can visit you and your horse at home to do a comprehensive saddle check and on site reflock.

Please contact the shop during opening hours to discuss your requirements. 

                                                         Telephone 01276 856738

                                                                           01276 858311


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