Silver Interactive Fabric by Fal Pro
Be a part of the FAL Pro Silver Age!



We’ve had the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, but now, thanks to FAL Pro, you and your horse can enjoy all the amazing benefits of the Silver Age!


Silver Interactive technology was introduced to the equestrian market by FAL Pro in 2004. Following the fantastic first year success of the Silver Interactive range, available exclusively from FAL Pro, the range has been extended to offer your horse the therapeutic benefits of silver, what ever his rugging needs.


Designed for the comfort and safety of your horse, the Silver Interactive concept combines FAL Pro’s expertise in designing and manufacturing the finest quality turnout and stable rugs with X-Static®, a textile fibre that incorporates a layer of pure silver. The result is a range of rugs without equal, to offer your horse superb comfort, warmth and protection from the elements together with the natural therapeutic benefits of Silver.


X-Static® has been used for the last decade in the industrial and medical products arena with enormous success, and has recently been applied to the consumer goods market where it is now used in high activity products such as in the England Football Team strip to wick away moisture fast for greater comfort. FAL Pro is the first and only rug manufacturer to be able to offer the benefits of this technology to your horse. Its strength, durability and superb anti-microbial properties mean that the fibre system is uniquely suited to meet the demands your horse places upon his rug. 


All FAL Pro Turnouts are tremendously breathable, designed to offer Dual Purpose functionality for indoor and outdoor use. The X-Static® technology of the FAL Pro Silver Interactive range further enhances this dual purpose of the Silver Interactive Turnout rugs, providing you with the most efficient and effective way to rug your horse this winter.



The conductive properties of X-Static® have been shown to increase blood flow and reduce swelling, complementing and enhancing your horse’s natural healing system.



X-Static® has been shown to eliminate many types of bacterial and fungal micro-

organisms that can hide in your horse’s rug, helping to keep your horse healthier and happier.



The exceptional natural properties of X-Static® mean that FAL Pro’s Silver Interactive range will keep your horse cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.



X-Static® conducts electricity better than any other fabric, so your FAL Pro Silver Interactive rug will eliminate static and the associated discomfort for your horse.