Safety Wear

NEW LOWER PRICE on Point 2 Air jackets!

We sell a wide range of Charles Owen hats, and stock a large selection of sizes for Airowear and Racesafe Body Protectors. We als hold in stock Hit-Air and Pro 2 Air Jackets, so you can try both on to help decide which model suits your needs.

Although we do sell hats and body protectors on-line, we strongly urge customers to come in to our shop to be professionally fitted.

Also, please note, we do not offer exchanges or refunds on these items for safety reasons.

We always have a member of staff working within our shop who has received specific training from the suppliers of our safety equipment; Charles Owen and Airowear.  This ensures that you are fitted with the correct fit, and helps to promote your safety.

If you are worried that your hat or body protector are no longer providing you with a high level of protection, then we advise you to come to our shop for advice and correct fitting of new replacements. Please feel free to bring your current items for a check on fit.