The Advantages of Thermatex

The Outstanding Advantages of Thermatex


Thermatex realy are the best wicking rugs on the market.  The original and best:


Warm and comfortable, soft and Luxurious.

Very light and easy to handle – the fabric's thermal value is very high in relation to bulk.

The fabric has the ability to ‘wick’ moisture to the surface of the garment. Any excess moisture that has not evaporated away can be shaken off.

Totally machine washable – even the large sizes will fit into a domestic washing machine.

Fully shrunk fabric, so no fear of shrinkage or loss of shape.

Colour fast.

Very fast drying -does not absorb water from the outer surface.

The unsurpassed comfort of the soft knitted fabric allows Thermatex to ‘mould’ to the wearers’ frame.

Easy to store because Thermatex is not bulky and will not flatten. The filling of polypropylene will not drop but will always stay in place.

Available in a wide range of colours and bindings


A lightweight version of Thermatex fabric is also available, it is the same knitted fabric without the insulating layer of polypropylene. This is absolutely ideal for use in warmer seasons