For the horse

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Stud Muffins


The ultimate treat for your horse!!

Made in Dorset

Thermatex Cordura Covered Leg Wraps


Wicking, comfortable leg wraps - brilliant from drying off wet legs.  Also great for helping to prevent mud fever if used in the stable after turnout.

  • Manufactured from a double layer of quilted Thermatex.
  • Three Velcro fixing straps.
  • Useful for drying off, keeping warm and protecting legs in the stable.
  • Definitely helps in the prevention of MUD FEVER.
  • Very easy and quick to put on, even by an inexperienced person, no chance of over-tightening and damaging tendons as can happen with bandaging.
  • Pre shrunk and machine washable.
  • Cordura Covered for extra durability and to stop them being covered in bedding.
  • Sizes – Small (up to 15hh), width 37cm, height 35cm; Large (any horse), width 45cm, height 40cm.

Thermatex Cordura Covered Travel Boots


Soft and flexible, these boots will help keep your horse cool in transit as they wick moisture away from the legs.
Generously cut to ensure hock and knee protection but without the rigidness of many traditional travel boots.

  • Advanced high performance quilted wicking fabric
  • Cordura outer layer
  • Polypropylene insulating layer
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy to use