Manufacturing High Quality Show Attire, Equetech use UK factories to manufacture 40% of their products.  Our hand picked selection from Equetech is illustrated below.  We adapt our range constantly to offer the best quality and choice to our customers, and are always happy to order specific items to our customer requirements.


Equetech Junior Hexatec Show Shirt

Equetech Junior Stretch Show Shirt

Equetech Junior Gloves

Equetech Deluxe Stock Kiev Brocade

Equetech Deluxe Stock Diamond Band

Equetech Deluxe Stock Diamonte Circle

Equetech Swarovski Crystal Stock

Equetech Fancy Brocade Stock

Equetech Plain Jacquard Stock

Equetech Waffle Jacquard Stock

Equetech Swarovski Crystal Stock Pin

Equetech Straight Bar Onyx Stock Pin

Equetech Square Cut Stock Pin

Equetech Knot Stock Pin

Equetech Pearl Stock Pin

Equetech Velvet Crystal Scrunchie

Equetech Crystal Plaiting Bands

Equetech Crystal Browband

Equetech Mens Padded Boxer Shorts

Equetech Anti Bounce Bra