Spring Essentials
Spring Essentials
Spring is just around the corner, get your Seasonal items here!

Amigo 1200D Lite Turnout


Fantastic no fill waterproof rug.  Perfect for summer showers.

Classic neck. Neck covers available

Pony sizes 600D £52.50 - sizes 4'6 - 5'3

  • Waterproof and breathable
  • 1200D Polyester Outer
  • No Fill
  • Nylon Lined
  • Patented front leg arch to allow greater freedom of movement
  • Neck available separately if required

KM Elite Grazzing Muzzle


Deluxe padded grazing muzzle from KM Elite, that helps to limit the grass intake. Made with more pliable rubber for comfort, making the mask tougher but softer. Padded on the head strap. Fully adjustable



For horses and ponies prone to Lamnitis.

Lamigard is a highly effective supplent for Laminitis prone horses and ponies and can be fed both long (higher levels) and short term (maintenance level). Lamigard will ensure your horses feet stay healthy all year around and will complement a careful feeding regime

Availalbe in 454gm for a two month supply at maintenance for an average pony, and 908gm

Lamigard can be fed to the in-foal and lactating mare.

Other Equine America products/sizes are available, please email or phone the shop for assistance.

So Kalm Plus Paste


For that big show or class, Super Kalm Paste is the ultimate in calming, for a relaxed and focused round. Super Kalm Paste is a one application syringe and can be used alone or as an extra 'top up' Other Equine America products/sizes are available, please email or phone the shop for assistance

Element Trimmer


The Liveryman Element Trimmer is a powerful Cord/Cordless trimmer designed for heavy-duty use.  It is ideal for perfecting those awkward areas and is extremely quiet so ideal for nervous horses.

Also ideal for use on dogs and husbands!!

Features include:

  • Ergonomic design for user comfort and minimal hand fatigue.
  • Break resistant housing; contoured to fit your hand.
  • Powerful carbon-brush motor for cutting heavy hair.
  • Designed to last for years.
  • Attachment combs in 4 sizes from 3-12 mm Light weight, low noise, low vibration.
  • Cool running blade.
  • Detachable Titanium/Ceramic Blade set for extremely sharp and long lasting performance.
  • Unique charging stand 180 degree swivel base that can turn the plug towards the nearest wall.
  • Element Blades

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    A detachable 2 in 1 ceramic and titanium blade that fits the Liveryman Element Trimmer

    Liveryman Sprite Trimmer

    liveryman sprite

    A quiet, powerful mains trimmer from Liveryman.  Ideal for the face and legs.

    Supplied with 4 attachment combs and blades.

    Liveryman Sprite Blades

    sprite blades
    Replacement Blades for the Liveryman Sprite Trimmer.

    Clipper Oil

    A specially formulated clipper lubricant with antiseptic for cleaning and lubrication of all clippers in an aerosol can .

    Fenceman CP250 Energiser


    Constant Power Energiser - reliable and easy to use.

    Features a patent circuit so that you know as the battery runs down the output from energizer will remain the same. This means your electric fencing will be working 100% all the time, right up to the point when your battery needs recharging or replacing.

    • Easy to use with self supporting stand and carrying handle
    • Fence line indicator
    • Output indicator
    • Battery low indicator
    • Integral earth stake

    • CP250 Energiser is suitable for all round farm use
    • Will power 4000M single strand fencing or 2000M dual strand fencing
    • Powered two internal 6 volt batteries or a 12 volt wet cell battery

    Made in the UK.

    Fenceman Electric Fence posts


    35" Poly Post 7 Loop in White

    Made in the UK

    Fenceman High-Viz White Electric Fence Tape


    12.5mm x 200m white standard tape

    Made in Ireland

    Fenceman Thick Electric Fence Tape


    20 mm x 200 metres High Visibility White Tape

    Made in Ireland